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 Our Story

Hello, I'm Lucie, founder of Lucine Homecare. I have been where you are! Motivated by the will to give my all. Life has its ups and downs. By grace, we're able to withstand. As a survivor of losing both parents to cancer, I know how you feel. My mother, Lucine, was diagnosed with breast cancer in the '80s. After a long fight, she sadly lost her battle on June 12th, 1990. Since her passing, it has been my mission to be there for whoever is in need—fast forward 20 years. My father got diagnosed with prostate cancer; he was 82 yrs old. It wasn't until I was there, during his final hours, that I realized my role in the health field. Providing quality care to the elderly has always been my Passion, and mission. Each patient gave me a sense of belonging. Because, through caring for them, that little girl inside was being nurtured. What I was getting from them was much more valuable than the price placed for service. Which, by the way, came nowhere close to what the patients were giving me. Which was food for the soul. I thank God! for every single one of them. Work was home away from home. No matter how crazy my day or night had been., once I had stepped through those doors, it was nothing but smiles and laughter. That has inspired me to demand better care for our loved ones. So often, they go unseen and unheard by their caregivers that have not been adequately screened and trained; therefore, as a result, they cannot meet the needs of their clients. Our aim at Lucine Homecare is to render not just "care" but quality care. Giving everyone involved a peace of mind, knowing that you are in good hands. We are here, to deliver compassionate care by assisting with daily routine; Medication Reminders, Meal Preparations, Promenades/Walking, Pet Care, Laundry, Shopping, and Appointments to; Hair Salon, Nail Salon, and Doctor visits.                     



                                                                                   LUCINE HOMECARE                  

                                             Servicing Long Island, Connecticut & The Five Boroughs 24/7

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