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Chat with the Nursing Home Attendant

Errands & Activities

Let us help with grocery shopping (includes ordering curbside), trips to the pharmacy and physicians’ offices.  We also provide assistance with errands, personal shopping, social outings, exercise routines and gym visits, club activities, movies, and other meaningful activities in the home.

Nutrition & Homemaking

Are you concerned about special diet needs, weight loss following doctors’ orders? Our Caregivers can assist with the daily tasks of meal planning, preparation, fluid intake and ensuring a clean, healthy home environment. While we aren’t dieticians, we can follow basic dietary guidelines when preparing food like “no added salt”, “low carbohydrates”, fluid restrictions, or avoiding foods that are contraindicated with certain medications. We will also help with daily/weekly household chores like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, taking the garbage to the curb, etc. We believe that a healthy client needs a healthy environment.  

Daily Routine

As part of the initial evaluation, we will determine the client’s preferred routine for daily routine. Because we are guests in our clients’ homes, we want to honor preferences, routines, and traditions, as maintaining a sense of normalcy is vital. Have there been, falls or trips to the ER? Let us help ensure that your loved one is maintaining day-to-day routine, and can remain safely at home. Caregivers could encourage clients verbally to continue physical therapy exercises in order to maintain mobility and reduce the risk of falls; but not physically                                              assist.                                                                             

Medication Reminders

Are medications being taken at the correct times, or at all? The #1 reason people move into facilities is inability to take medications per doctors’ orders. Our Caregivers can remind clients to take medications correctly, assist them to reorder, and pick up from the pharmacy. If family is unavailable to fill medication boxes, Lucine Homecare can refer you to outside services for medication management and oversight.                                                                    


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