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Venture In The Field

Many thanks and gratefulness, to ALL the clients and their families that have shown nothing but gratitude, and appreciation for services rendered; which had bridge gaps where employers fail to thank their employees of their hard work and dedication.                                            

To: Father & Son

"Mr. Mike and Mr. Vernon" as my children would call them. Thank You! for the many days of ministering to my soul, whenever life threw a curve ball my way. Mr. Vernon, "a lover of people" as he always professes, never seeing the flaws, but, always elevating the strengths, by breathing life into everyone he encounters, with kind words of encouragement and wisdom acquired during his 95 years of life and still going strong. Opening my mind to what was right in front of me this whole time; which was that compassion is a gift, which emboldened me to step in to faith. Vernon is the embodiment of Christ. I could not have done it without him!               

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